Ready to start doing something different to create the life you desire?

“Are you finding yourself up at night feeling overwhelmed with doing the same thing again tomorrow. You feel like you are alone in a sea of people who know you but do not understand. You may feel irritable or sad that you are at a point in your life where you desire change but do not know where to start.” I would like to help. You feel that adults should not need help with our life issues. You have a desire for change but the inability to create it. This can be a difficult place to be. This is not what you pictured for yourself not at this time, not at this age.

What I know is that all life changes over time. We have times where life just seems to click and other times when it seems like a real struggle and sometimes very lonely. Pain and discomfort can become the catalist for change. What I also know is that if you want to be happier, it can often be helpful to get some input from an unbiased third party – someone who doesn’t have an agenda for you – other than your happiness.

So, what I do is work with people who have gotten off track, who want to feel more comfortable in their own skin, at peace and able to experience joy and happiness. I facilitate practical problem-solving processes to lead to self discovery, allowing you to create the life you really want.

If you could use some support and assistance to get what you need, please know that you don’t have to go through this alone. I’d like to help. Don’t wait one more day. Please give me a call at (916) 773-4040 or email cstone@colleenstonemft.com. It would be an honor to join you in creating the life you most desire.

Helping you create the life you desire
Colleen Stone, MA, LMFT


Wishing you the strength, courage and wisdom to have the life you desire!


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